I'm create wallet EOS follow document

cleos create account inita tester EOS4toFS3YXEQCkuuw1aqDLrtHim86Gz9u3hBdcBw5KNPZcursVHq EOS7d9A3uLe6As66jzN8j44TXJUqJSK3bFjjEEqR4oTvNAB3iM9SA


Error 3120006: No available wallet
Ensure that you have created a wallet and have it open

Before I using Docker create network and create Alias for cleos

docker network inspect eosdev


    "Name": "eosdev",
    "Id": "8a3810e2b6f0c49bbfad5cad2e1564b9c6b8fd7a2c87594c77a4cc3e52362575",
    "Created": "2018-11-14T12:38:16.079678634Z",
    "Scope": "local",
    "Driver": "bridge",
    "EnableIPv6": false,
    "IPAM": {
        "Driver": "default",
        "Options": {},
        "Config": [
                "Subnet": "",
                "Gateway": ""
    "Internal": false,
    "Attachable": false,
    "Ingress": false,
    "ConfigFrom": {
        "Network": ""
    "ConfigOnly": false,
    "Containers": {
        "cadf022427a50f92b8971f4e388d31c764df090bc7fbf1a83de77537d98b4a60": {
            "Name": "keosd",
            "EndpointID": "6bbb099480923338d6749068f875e7e81523b4282e84c7e3822cd2568897c5a6",
            "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:12:00:03",
            "IPv4Address": "",
            "IPv6Address": ""
        "f94432b4985382f8ee103b3f4fa08f0e4b044c2eaf422e088d2c7ce971de2a30": {
            "Name": "nodeos",
            "EndpointID": "7b31dcf1d8c1813585155c805977ac9264370e237691a9c129b6651fcd824726",
            "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:12:00:02",
            "IPv4Address": "",
            "IPv6Address": ""
    "Options": {},
    "Labels": {}


And next

alias cleos='docker exec -it nodeos /opt/eosio/bin/cleos --url --wallet-url'

Maybe I did something wrong, help me.

  • did you create a wallet? cleos wallet create – confused00 Nov 15 '18 at 10:54
  • Yep, I had create wallet follow this post medium.com/@nalamsubash/… – Mạnh Linh Nguyễn Nov 15 '18 at 12:35
  • But follow Document cleos create account [OPTIONS] creator name OwnerKey ActiveKey How to create OwnerKey and ActiveKey. If use cleos create key --to-console return public_key and private_key. – Mạnh Linh Nguyễn Nov 15 '18 at 12:36
  • ownerkey and activekey are the public keys corresponding to the secret keys managing those permissions – confused00 Nov 15 '18 at 12:44
  • How to get owerkey and activekey? – Mạnh Linh Nguyễn Nov 15 '18 at 12:48

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