Token transfer between 2 accounts give me this error. token transfer works though if one of the account is the token contract account. how do i fix this?

  "details": [
        "message": "assertion failure with message: The symbol does not match",
        "file": "wasm_interface.cpp",
        "line_number": 964,
        "method": "eosio_assert"
        "message": "pending console output: ",
        "file": "apply_context.cpp",
        "line_number": 113,
        "method": "exec_one"

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You probably are sending the symbol wrong. It should look like this if you are using cleos:

cleos push action eosio.token transfer '[ "bob", "alice", "50.0000 SYS", "m" ]' -p bob@active

where eosio.token is the contract account, bob and alice are accounts, "SYS" is the token and "m" is a memo message. Also, do not forget to import the keys into your wallet and unlock it.

Maybe you share a code sample or command of how you execute the action, so I can help you more precisely.

  • i don't get this error any more.
    – Bhaskar
    Jul 13, 2019 at 16:18

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