If we want to make our smart contract code modular, and keep each class, contract, and table in its own file, is it possible to do this, and if so, how?

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It is possible:

  1. Set up a new smart contract environment using eosio-init:

eosio-init -project=mycontract -path=.

  1. Create all of your .cpp and .hpp files as appropriate
  2. In the ./src folder, edit the CMakeLists.txt file by adding all of the .cpp files to the add_contract command, making sure that the file containing your contract class is the last file in the list:

add_contract( mycontract mycontract table.cpp helper.cpp mycontract.cpp )

  1. If you have a table in its own file, and it isn't a member of the contract class, then it will not be included in the ABI file unless you indicate that it needs to be included in the contract in your attributes:

class [[eosio::table, eosio::contract("mycontract")]] mytable

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