My question is in the context of smart contract development, so I'm looking for solutions that work within smart contracts:

1st: Is is possible to see the RAM delta of either an individual multi_table operation, or perhaps the current running total of RAM deltas at a certain point. For emplacing new rows this could obviously be calculated by hand because you know the size and who will pay for it, but for modifying/ erasing rows this depends on who previously paid for the row, and in the case of erasing it also depends on whether this is the last row in a scope, and if it is, it depends on who previously paid for the scope.

2nd: Is it possible to get who is currently paying for a table row and for the table scope.

These two things are obviously related, because if one of them is possible, the other one could also be calculated.

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Take a look here: Bloks.io-Raw

here: Bloks.io-RAM-Deltas

and here: Bloks.io-RAM-Explorer

You can also fetch all this data and more on your own using dfuse-api

From what I know you can't get the data from within a contract.

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