I am new to EOSIO. I referred eos.io for learning. Now I need to learn how to integrate API with a smart contract. I am willing to do this in c#. I got answers mostly for eosjs which is used in nodejs, any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you!

  • ping me on tg if you need help, my tg-handle is cmadh. – cmadh Mar 20 at 11:35

EosSharp and EosWsSharp and EosDotNet are what you looking for.

EosSharp and EosDotNet are based on the normal RPC-API, EosWsSharp uses dfuse.io for real-time websocket-connections.

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  • Thanx for the suggestions. – Varsh Mar 23 at 3:07
  • pls mark as solved if it solved your question. – cmadh Mar 24 at 0:59

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