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1 answer

Transmit a message and 4xx status code from contract

eosio_assert() transmits a message and a status code 500. Is there a contract method that transmits a message and a status code of my choice, such as a 4xx status code?
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3 votes
1 answer

Reading table rows with EOSJS

Is there a way to receive the return output of an action with EOSJS? Say for example I have an action that reads columns from a table, sums a row and returns the result. How would I structure the ...
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1 vote
0 answers

When a client receives a transaction id, what does that mean?

When a client submits a transaction to a node it receives a return code including, if successful, a transaction id. What does receipt of this transaction id indicate? Does it indicate simply that the ...
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1 answer

Can actions have return types?

I've been looking at most of the example contracts and every action seems to return void. Does this mean that you can not have a return type for your actions? Instead, would you have to send a ...
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