I want to return all the associated EOS accounts that is linked to a specific public key in JSON format for my javascript dapp. Currently I can paste the pub key into: https://eosflare.io/key/EOS6M1m2KBk8BF6uwEnRyjXvpBTUxqLfMUZALzsUGtrHvcEHTYFi1

But there is no JSON output. How can I just a RELIABLE EOS endpoint to do these queries to get a JSON output of all the accounts associated to a pub key?

Do I use one of these endpoints? https://www.eosdocs.io/resources/apiendpoints/

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Yes you can query that api end points as i have performed query on this api from https://www.eosdocs.io/resources/apiendpoints/ with post parameter {"public_key":"EOS6M1m2KBk8BF6uwEnRyjXvpBTUxqLfMUZALzsUGtrHvcEHTYFi1"} and api url is


I am not sure but i think this can be done by eosjs also.

Here is code for js

var request = require('request');

    var Body = {"public_key":"EOS6M1m2KBk8BF6uwEnRyjXvpBTUxqLfMUZALzsUGtrHvcEHTYFi1"};
      //options for liverate api of btc,eth and eos
    var options = {
        url: 'https://eos.greymass.com:443/v1/history/get_key_accounts',
        json: true,   // <--Very important!!!
        body: Body


    function callback1(error, response, body) 
        console.log("in jssss");
    request.post(options, callback1);  

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