Also if my action have an account_name param, it will ask for an integer too. Is it right?

The following is what I post in telegram channel.

Hi guys, my table's account field is shown/passed as an integer since EOS4.1. While, it is taken as string in EOS4.0. and the type is account_name in it's abi :

    "name": "account",
    "type": "account_name"

Now it is shown in this format :

cleos get table adv adv credit

  "rows": [{
      "account": "7306298747036631040", // in Dawn4.0 it is account's name string
      "adv_asset": "123.0000 ADV",
      "eos_asset": "0.0000 SYS"
  "more": false

Any suggestions?


Yeah, this version has broken my contracts too. The solution is to change your parameters from account_name to simple plain name. It works like before! ;) They did that, afaik, to improve the abi files patterns.

  • How to convert name to account_name, if I want to save an account_name field but the parameter was name?
    – yang24201
    May 22 '18 at 6:44

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