I am running my private chain with 3 BPs,

I have created 1000000.0000 tokens, I have issued 100000.0000 tokens, and run the further steps for setting up the chain,

I voted all the BPs with 10-15 accounts to start producing the blocks Here, I wanted to mention one thing is for start producing the blocks BP must have at least 15% stake vote, so All BPs have 15% of stake tokens, but they are not started producing the blocks.

When I try to claim the rewards with

cleos system claimrewards BP_NAME

then I am getting this type of error.

Error 3050003: alaio_assert_message assertion failure

Error Details:

assertion failure with message: cannot claim rewards until the chain is activated (at least 15% of all tokens participate in voting)

pending console output:

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The amount of min_activated_stake is hard-coded rather than proportional to your issuing token. [link]

15% here means 15% of total tokens. Voted weight on each BP doesn't matter. On EOS mainnet, the initial amount of token is 1B, so min_activated_stake is set to 150M.

  • Thanks! @conr2d So I have issued 100000.0000 that means 15% of 100000.0000 is 15000 right? and I guess it won't affect anywhere right? (because I am issuing less amount of tokens) Nov 22, 2019 at 6:17
  • There are two kinds of reward (bpay, block pay, for block production, vpay, voting pay, for being voted). Voting pay less than 100.0000 per day is ignored. You issued less token, but block pay and voting pay is determined by inflation amount. If you want to make voting pay works with your configuration, min_pervote_daily_pay should be adjusted to less. link
    – conr2d
    Nov 22, 2019 at 6:25

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