This is example of object singletone table which i trying to test:

      "rows": [{
          "account": "ins",
          "first_approve": {
            "first": "apk",
            "second": 1
          "second_approve": {
            "first": "",
            "second": 0
      "more": false

Using testing library i try to check matching object:

REQUIRE_MATCHING_OBJECT(notary, mvo()("account", "ins")("first_approve", "")("second_approve", ""));

In which format i need add values to first_approve and second approve keys? Also am i correct using:


For singletone table?


You can pass variant_object to initialize the other variant_object.

For example,

auto fa_obj = mvo()("first", "apk")("second", 1);

REQUIRE_MATCHING_OBJECT(notary, mvo()("account", "ins")("first_approve", fa_obj)...

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