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Creation of account failed, maybe because of wallet lock/unlock process

When i run create account eosio eoseospro EOS52e5CVjeV9DbzFii6ApQBEg65A1YFvfbNyRoVr49wsFjdMqSL7 EOS52e5CVjeV9DbzFii6ApQBEg65A1YFvfbNyRoVr49wsFjdMqSL7 I always get an error. Error 3090003: ...
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Getting "code":404,"message":"Not Found" error while creating a wallet address in node js

Here is my node.js code as described here var request = require("request"); var options = { method: 'POST', url: '', headers: { 'content-type': 'application/...
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Getting Error while creating new account using EOSjs on Jungle-testnet

I am creating accounnt using EOSjs(20.0.0-beta1).My account_creat function goes like this: const createNewAccount = async ( account_name, owner_publicKey, active_publicKey ) => { try { ...
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Retrieve the creator account name of a new generated account

Since anyone has to be invited in the network to create a new account; is possible to get in some way the address(=account name) of the creator?
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Is it possible to create an account using RPC calls?

Is it possible to create an account in mainnet using RPC calls? First, I built EOSIO nodeos in my own remote server, and I successfully created my coworker's account using cleos. $ cleos system ...
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Why is ram usage different when creating same accounts?

I am trying to understand why ram usage is different for the same task. I executed cleos system newaccount --stake-net "0.0010 EOS" --stake-cpu "0.0010 EOS" --buy-ram-kbytes 3 It succeeded but ...
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If all newly created accounts are servants, what permissions do the master accounts retain?

No new accounts can be created on the EOS main chain. New EOS accounts can only be created from key pairs that were registered for the genesis. This means these master accounts create what are known ...
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cleos create account error with Chain API plugin is not enabled

I just started set up my eos dev environment. I started my node as ./nodeos --config-dir config --data-dir data --enable-stale-production --producer-name eosio --plugin eosio::chain_api_plugin ...
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