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How does a typical ECDSA signature verify work in EOS and ETH/BTC

I have been studing ECDSA signature/verify for a while. By my understanding: the standard ECDSA signature/verify process are like something as below: A sender combines message and its ECC public key ...
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3 votes
1 answer

EOS signatures vs Ethereum signatures

So I'm trying to find a way to sign a message with a certain private key, and then to be able to recover it's corresponding public key/address on both Ethereum and EOS. The thing is I'm having some ...
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Using recover_key with eosjs

I want to validate user signatures in my smart contract. As I understood, I am supposed to do that with recover_key function from crypto.h I am using JavaScript with eosjs and eosjs-ecc for ...
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Encrypt data using public key, decrypt using EOS private key (eosjs-ecc)

Is it possible to add an assymetric encryption options to the library so it is possible to encrypt the data using one's public key and then decrypt the data using one's private key using the same ...
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What are the formats for the pub key/priv key/signatures?

How are the public key, private key and the signature decoded to the actual ecc keys? How many bytes are these decoded keys?
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