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on_notify fails to compile

I'm following the guidance at where it states I can decorate a method with: [[eosio::on_notify("eosio.token::transfer”)]] however, ...
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Is there any index to be used to get transaction history for a certain-aggregate Id?

I was wondering if EOS blockchain could be used as event-store for event-sourcing. At least, we should be able to retrieve history with an aggregate id. Of course, we can use the EOS account name as ...
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Ricardian contracts for require_recipient code

We are processing user payments with require_recipient code. Someone does eosio.token transfer, passes parameters with memo and gets his token. But since user uses standard eosio.token transfer he can ...
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Can a contract trigger events in the outside world?

Is it possible for a contract to somehow trigger an event which an external process may listen for? Or is polling the only practical way currently to determine an outcome in a contract?
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How can one make an EOS plugin to just watch one smart contract actions and transactions

I need to make a backend server that reacts to events in my smart contract, such as token transfers, action calling, etc I know that there are DBs plugins (such as SQLite and MongoDb) but I need to ...
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Is there event emitting function in smart contract?

I am porting Ethereum smart contract in Solidity to EOS platform, but I meet a problem: how to send some events to Dapp so as to update the UI? Now I have to poll the table the smart contract saved ...
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