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How long on average before a transaction included in a block is final and irreversible? (without BFT msgs)

For example if a merchant is using EOSIO for payments, what is the expected time for a transaction to reach irreversible state after it has been included in a block? In addition to the expected ...
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1 answer

How the irreversible state is recorded in the blockchain?

I'd like to know how irreversible state is recorded in the blockchain, whether it's a moving pointer, or it's recorded in another way.
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2 answers

What is a fork database?

There is a mention of a fork database in the docs for the bnet_plugin. Could you please tell me what the fork database is and how is it related to the state of the nodeos node?
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What does it mean that block is irreversible

I mean there are block producers and there are currently just 21 TRUSTED ones. Why do we need to wait for 15/21 to fully "confirm" transaction? Because that means sometimes almost 3-4 minutes. ...
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When can I consider a transfer is confirmed?

I am going to send out products to user when they pay me EOS. I have a service monitor the blockchain transaction. Should I send the product to the user once I see the transaction in the blockchain? ...
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How to get the Block Irreversible status?

I can get the irreversible status of the transaction because transaction information has both last_irreversible_block and block_num to know the status. But how to get this information for Block? ...
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