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EOSIO Tutorial: Development Public Key vs eosio development key

Many questions, thanks in advance for any help. In the eosio tutorial (1.4 Create dev wallet) I have created a wallet and the message returned is: Created new private key with a public key of: "...
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1 answer

Creating eos token using eos studio

I have done my research. All I found is people recommending me to use eosio.token to create a eos token. The issue is it won't load in eos studio. I am just wondering is there any tutorials (...
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error: no type named 'transaction' in namespace 'eosio'

During the tutorial on at the last step (step 2.9, the section about deferred transactions) when trying to compile the code, I get this error: [*** ...
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What is an easy to follow tutorial on getting EOS staked on REX to start earning passive eos rewards?

I have some EOS staked and would like to just put it on REX as there seems to be a return on just leaving it in the REX without the risk of losing the EOS. Is it really true that you do not lose any ...
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It's April 2019, what's a good tutorial on how to link a web dapp to scatter or some other mobile wallet?

There have been a few tutorials on how to link scatter to a dapp which is just html/js, but those could be outdated due to the speed that eos has developed. What is the latest tutorial on how to link ...
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