Using this permission:

/* code

   require_auth(permission_level{_self, inc});

for an account that has the following permissions permissions:

 owner: EOS...
       active: EOS..., alice@active, ...
       inc: bob@active

I'm unable to sign this contract with the command (contract is set to alice account, action to execute is increment)

 cleos push action alice increment '""' -p alice@inc


 cleos push action alice increment '""' -p bob@active

And I'm getting error message

 309005: ... minimum authority is active. 

How to get around this, so that I can use my custom permission? I've tried several versions, but never been able to sign a contract. Thanks

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Because _self is alice, your two push actions are not executed.

If you set inc to alice@active, cleos push action alice increment '""' -p alice@inc will be executed.

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