in reading through this guide: https://docs.provable.xyz/#eos-advanced-topics I'm attempting to see the queries issued to the contract:

cleos -u https://kylin.eos.dfuse.io/ get actions oraclizeex1a -1 -4 --console

but I get the following error:

Error 3110003: Missing History API Plugin Ensure that you have eosio::history_api_plugin added to your node's configuration! Error Details: History API plugin is not enabled

how is this supposed to work?


So this error message states that the node you're using doesn't have the History API plugin enabled... I found a couple that does have this plugin enabled: 1. https://api-kylin.eoslaomao.com 2. https://api-kylin.eosasia.one

Also - note that there's no such account on Kylin (oraclizeex1a), so you'll have to find the right contract account as well...

  • you're correct, the account is wrong. I can't raise support from Oraclize. I'll open a new issue regarding that, and thanks for pointing out the issue of the node – ekkis Dec 30 '19 at 23:21

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