So I created an MSIG account using set permissions

cleos set account permission msigact11113 active '{"threshold":2,"keys":[],"accounts":[
{"permission":{"actor":"permitact113","permission":"active"}, "weight":1},
"waits":[]}' -p msigact11113@owner

and then propose the transaction

cleos multisig propose payme 
'[{"actor": "permitact111", "permission": "active"},{"actor": "permitact111", "permission": "active"}]' '[{"actor": "permitact113", "permission": "active"},{"actor": "permitact112", "permission": "active"}]' 
'[{"actor": "permitact113", "permission": "active"},{"actor": "permitact113", "permission": "active"}]'
'[{"actor": "permitact113", "permission": "active"},{"actor": "permitact114", "permission": "active"}]'
eosio.token transfer '{"from":"msigact11113", "to":"trustring121", "quantity":"100.00 CUV", "memo":"Trade Payment"}' -p msigact11113@owner

Since you already defined the accounts within the MSIG, why to do you need to specify the msig accounts again in the proposal?

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Creating a msig-permission and creating a msig-proposal are two different things, neither of which requires both (only in very specific cases).

When you add a msig-permission to an account, as long as that permission exists the accounts that have been added can perform actions. Depending on the thresholds of the permission, multiple accounts may need to sign the transaction before it is pushed to a BP and accepted as valid by the block producers. If it does not contain the necessary authorization(s), it's not added to the block.

A msig-action waits in the msig-contract for the required approvals and then can be executed, each individual approval is going into a block. In addition, a msig-action contains a specific action, can only be executed once, and must be proposed again once it has been executed.

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