EOS's advantages are basically this: -Millions of tps thanks to interblockchain-communication & multi-threading free transactions will boost adoption. -More decentralized than ETH or BTC: 21 BPs vs a few mining pools. -First blockchain with a constitution. -First blockchain with built-in arbitration system. -Account recovery incase you lose private ...


The main worry of a single owner running multiple candidacies for multiple BP spots is related to a centralization of the network. While there is no technical way to "ban" a misbehaving candidate, community currently highlights those who are under the suspicion in Telegram chats, community forums, reddit and other mediums. If proven right, candidates risk ...


If you only need static hosting and you don't need a custom domain, then you can use GitHub Pages, which is free. This will serve your site over https, which you need if you're using recent browser features, e.g. the built-in cryptographic functions.

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