I have wallet create with cleos

cleos wallet list



I create pair key with cleos

cleos create key --to-console

But, when I create account system require owner_key. How to get owner_key and active_key?

cleos create account demoaccounteos EOS58wkLHPuYfX8jpvEYZi6PviCkk7v4bBQSU2sa8WJvJtXWa7XBX


ERROR: RequiredError: OwnerKey
Create a new account on the blockchain (assumes system contract does not restrict RAM usage)
Usage: /opt/eosio/bin/cleos create account [OPTIONS] creator name OwnerKey [ActiveKey]

I had add wallet eosio

Public key: EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV
Private key: 5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3

This public just for testing

cleos wallet create -n eosio --to-console

cleos wallet import --private-key 5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3 -n eosio

cleos create account eosio demowalletxx EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV EOS5VCBkdvu2BrPSiPGD3K2batKjgs3F51iETMXNn8bqZqQGqg1WJ


executed transaction: 3cd2bc760c56d67f1f96c65c6ee4441b32747127d72aa9762f7cca1e40b59430  200 bytes  16343 us
#         eosio <= eosio::newaccount            {"creator":"eosio","name":"demowalletxx","owner":{"threshold":1,"keys":[{"key":"EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYc...
warning: transaction executed locally, but may not be confirmed by the network yet    

OK Now check info account

cleos get account demowalletxx


created: 2018-11-16T06:06:04.000
     owner     1:    1 EOS6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV
        active     1:    1 EOS5VCBkdvu2BrPSiPGD3K2batKjgs3F51iETMXNn8bqZqQGqg1WJ
     quota:       unlimited  used:      2.66 KiB  

net bandwidth: 
     used:               unlimited
     available:          unlimited
     limit:              unlimited

cpu bandwidth:
     used:               unlimited
     available:          unlimited
     limit:              unlimited

Thank all for support.

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