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Nodeos folder non-existed after eosio installation with brew

I am trying to install and run an EOS node on macos. I installed eosio with brew. I used brew tap eosio/eosio brew install eosio Everything went alright. But after installation the following folder ...
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MacOS RPC Interface not working

So, I'm just starting and I run a MacOS device. First issue: "Failed to connect to localhost port 8888: Connection refused" after running curl http://localhost:8888/v1/chain/get_info in MacOS I ...
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Runtime problems with EOS on Docker

I have a native build of EOS 1.1.4 on MacOS for developing and stress testing a smart contract. No problems. However, when I run the contract in Docker (on both Ubuntu and MacOS) I occasionally but ...
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Is there a binary that I could install and run?

Some of my attempts researching how to get EOS up and running: there is no public testnet: it takes a lot of memory to compile:
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How to Restart Nodeos Block Producer

yesterday I created and launched a single node test net on MacOS. To shut it down I pressed CTRL + C and then shut down my computer a while after. Today I tried to restart the block producer with ...
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