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Get public key of an EOS account name

You should be able to use get_account
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Why don't RPC get_table_rows return all rows?

The number of RPC will return depends on the amount of time it takes to build the result set. You can get the remainder of the table by starting with an offset returned by the "more" ...
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EOSIO Error: 3040006 from api

Error-Code 3040006's message is "Transaction Expiration Too Far" What kind of client (cleos, eos-js, eos-sharp?) and what kind of network (EOS-mainnet, Telos, Wax?) are you using? Default ...
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API to push action from a web application

I think the API you are looking for is http://localhost:8080/v1/chain/push_transaction Behind the scene cleos push action contract_name action_name'[param1,param2]' -p count@active construct a ...
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