The EOS constitution forbids to have more than 10% (total supply) eos tokens for one individual/dApp/BlockProducer. This was addressed by Thomas Cox in interview with EOS GO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQe15JHpjDA


How does the protocol prevent bandwidth holders (EOS holders)from concentrating too much and make the platform unattractive for small users If I am not mistaken, if a particular EOS holder do not use bandwidth, this bandwidth is available for another users. So if a big token holder would like to spam the network, actually he can. If he owns 1% of the tokens,...


Use the telegram bot or have this service send you an email whenever something happens: https://eosauthority.com/alerts Then you can take action.


As mentioned above the proposed constitutional article will limit each entity to a maximum of 10% ownership of EOS. Entities with more can be subject to arbitration. Another key component to minimizing consolidation of the EOS token supply is in the game theory behind the initial distribution of ERC-20 EOS. By stretching the distribution out over a whole ...

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