I've created a test account on Kylin, funded it from a faucet, bought RAM and deployed a contract. when I try to call a contract method I get the above error

my call attempt is made using cleos and since my new account was not in the local wallet I added the private key such that I can see it when I execute:

cleos wallet keys

additionally, I created the account locally such that if I issue:

cleos get accounts <my-public-key>

I see the account. I can also:

cleos get account <my-account>

and it shows me that the owner and active permissions are bound to the correct public key. however, when I call the method:

cleos -u https://kylin.eos.dfuse.io/ push action <my-account> deposit '["cust1", "8,BTC"]' -p <my-account>@active

it fails. just in case, I've also run:

cleos set account permission <my-account> active --add-code

but to no avail. what else can I check?

Appendix I

for completeness, here's the rest of the error:

Error Details: transaction declares authority '{"actor":"MyAccount","permission":"active"}', but does not have signatures for it under a provided delay of 0 ms, provided permissions [{"actor":"MyAccount","permission":"eosio.code"}], provided keys [], and a delay max limit of 3888000000 ms pending console output:

I notice the "provided keys" is empty. as previously stated, if the key required is for my account, I can see it listed. if it's for eosio.code, I don't know how I would get that

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Check if the contract has been successfully deployed to your account.

  1. Check if the wallet is unlocked, if not then unlock it:

cleos wallet unlock -n <wallet_name> --password <wallet_password>

  1. Check if you have the required key pair using:

cleos wallet private_keys -n <wallet_name> --password <wallet_password>

  1. Then push the action.

    cleos -u https://kylin.eos.dfuse.io push action <my-account/contract_name> deposit '["cust1", "8,BTC"]' -p <my-account>@active

contract_name is the account_name to which the contract is deployed.

Check if the endpoint is working properly.

If the contract is deployed to your account, you'll need only your keys.

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